Is this you?

  • You have a strong sense of purpose and you are committed to living the fullest expression of it in your life AND business.
  • You have a message, a skill or a gift that serves others and you are ready to share it on a bigger scale.
  • You desire to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • You’re good at what you do but could use some guidance to properly position and brand yourself to grow your business and you want to align with other best-in-class entrepreneurs.
  • You long to create success from a place of grace and ease rather than striving and driving.
  • You are ready for the financial abundance that flows from being in full alignment with your purpose and your most powerful and authentic self.

You're invited to a different way of doing business...

  • Here, your business is a vehicle for the expression of your purpose in the world.
  • Here, we believe that you are always marketing yourself, whether consciously, or unconsciously. We choose to do it consciously and make an even greater impact by crafting a clear message that impacts all who hear it.
  • Here, we believe in success from a place of BEING. We believe your most effective marketing strategy is being so alive that it has others say, "I'll have what you're having! How do I work with you?"
  • Here, we believe your business can be the canvas for your self-expression, creativity, and fulfillment.
  • Here, your message is your marketing and sales is service.

Who are we?

An extraordinary group of visionary, purpose-driven entrepreneurs,

coming together to create world-class businesses & brands

that make a difference by doing business differently.

Dear Friend,

vanessasfamily3Hi, I'm Vanessa.

A couple of years ago, I knew it was time to make some drastic changes. I had created success based on the world's standards and it left me empty. On the outside everything looked great, but on on the inside, I knew there was more for me.

My coach asked me a question that caused me to change the course of my life, "Vanessa, if this were the last year of your life, what would you do?"

I answered, "I HAVE TO share the message that is inside of me. I want to give my life to the cause of setting captives free. Helping people know that they can shine, be free to be themselves, and allow their gifts to be used in their full glory.

"Henry David Thoreau said that the mass of men live quiet lives of desperation and go to their graves with their song still in them.

"I want to know the song of others and I want to help them liberate it. And I want to show other entrepreneurs how to Profit with Honor."

My life completely changed once I got fully aligned with my purpose and sharing my message. It was not an easy transition, especially when I decided to maximize the platform of online marketing.  The marketplace is a noisy place. Navigating it takes aligning with those who are masterful at what they do and who come from the same place within themselves.

As a business coach, I now dedicate everything I've learned in my years of successfully building and selling businesses, combined with a commitment to elevate business to a place of  Profit with Honor and serve others to create their legacy work now.

What about you? What if this were the last year of your life? What do you HAVE TO create that perhaps you have put off for years--maybe because you weren't sure HOW you'd do it. Now is the time, my friend. If what you read here resonates with you at all, I invite you to join us at the Branding Experience or reach out to me. I'm honored our paths have crossed. I know it is not an accident.



What is the Branding Experience?

Your best marketing strategy is creating a life you love.

  • When you are your most authentic, fun and alive self, you inspire others to say, “I’ll have what you’re having!”
  • Get support to daringly step into the person you always desired to be.
  • Together we’ll redesign your business, marketing & brand to be 100% aligned with your deepest desires & brilliance. Create a high-impact, high-income business with more grace & ease.
  • Described as the best of brains & heart, we will combine STRATEGY with HEART and use savvy business strategies, leverage and the most effective marketing practices, to create fulfilling success.

In a beautiful, inspiring location we will...

1. Discover your purpose & unique message

2. Define your signature brand, style, and program

3. Map out a detailed marketing plan based on what feels like fun to you and what works online and offline

4. Create your step-by-step fastest path to cash

5. Create your premium packages & learn how to sell them with ease

Current Locations:

We aim to select exquisite locations to host the Branding Experience. Inspiring locations to do inspiring work. Locations added regularly.

LAS VEGAS     |      October 2014

  • LAS VEGAS: October 9-12, 2014 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa
  • Designed to be an intimate group to allow for personalized attention.

In collaboration with No Glass Ceiling Women's Conference. Your ticket gets you into both events.


DENVER    |     December 2014

  • DENVER: December 4-6, 2014 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Warwick Hotel, Downtown Denver, Colorado
  • Designed to be an intimate group of 20 entrepreneurs to allow for personalized attention.

In collaboration with Uplevel Experience. Your ticket gets you into both events.


VIRTUAL SESSION   |  January 2015

  • January, 2015 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Private Google Hangout
  • This event will take place virtually.

TORONTO   |   April 2015

  • TORONTO: April 10-12, 2015
  • Designed to be an intimate group to allow for personalized attention.

In collaboration with Woman On Fire Conference. Your ticket gets you into both events.


MIAMI   |   May 2015

  • MIAMI: May 2-3, 2015
  • Designed to be an intimate group to allow for personalized attention.

In collaboration with Woman On Fire Conference. Your ticket gets you into both events.

Unable to join us live?

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If you are unable to join us in person, please contact us if you are interested in an individual VIP day or if you have an interest in participating in our virtual BRANDING EXPERIENCES via Google Hangout.

Email, call 336.223.6077 for more information or apply and schedule your session at

Interested in hosting Vanessa for your group?

V_Horn_VIPDay_17Vanessa HornIncrease team sales & performance when you have a clarity of message, purpose and positioning.

Vanessa is available to help your organization craft their unique message & standout online. Inquire about in-person keynotes, workshops or retreats or virtual Google Hangouts or webinars.

Email or call 336.223.6077 for more information.

Your Investment:

I wanted to make this a no-brainer investment that is a fraction of the normal costs to coach with me.

Regular Price $997

$497 Early Bird rate (expires 2 weeks before the event)

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What Client's of Vanessa have said...

“JuIsabelle Tierneyst DO IT Isabelle!”
“What??? I can’t! I’m not ready! I’m going to get hurt! I’m scared.”

While I wish I could tell you that this conversation happened as I was about to jump out of a plane, it actually took place in the comfort of my cozy couch, on the phone with my coach Vanessa Horn.

I had been whining for weeks about making a bold change in my life. I talked and talked and talked about doing something daring to get out of my comfort zone. But when it came to actually DOING IT, I found every excuse in the book to resist. My fear always trumped my longing.

And then Vanessa pushed me off the ledge with a loving and firm, “Just do it already!” My edge was this yearning to record the conversations I’d been having with people who consistently inspire me (Vanessa chief among them). So together, she and I recorded what was to become the first Dare To Be You podcast and despite my fears, I had a BLAST. Not only that, but taking that leap of faith has resulted in more fulfillment and joy for me professionally than I’ve ever before experienced or even imagined was possible!

Vanessa is an amazing coach and her brilliance shines through.

Isabelle Tierney, 

mary-beth-lozano“I didn’t realize it until working with Vanessa that I was chasing goals that weren’t even in alignment with my deepest values. She helped me clarify that the very thing that I wanted, which was strong relationships within my family, was the very thing I kept sacrificing. She helped me get my life and goals into alignment. My children, my husband, were what drove me to pursue my goals in the first place.

With her urging, I finally stopped long enough to be quiet and ask myself what is most important to me. I finally had the permission to do what I needed and really wanted rather than allowing my life to run on autopilot. It helped me to stand on my own rather than being worried what anyone else thought (including my downline or upline).

Since working with Vanessa, I feel more free and fulfilled than I’ve ever felt. I am feeling empowered in my choices. I am no longer just working with my head down toward a promise or an idea only to reach a point of success and realize I was pursuing a title or position because someone else said it was important. I now know how to balance my life and how to have success that is in alignment to what is most important to me.

Mary Beth Lozano, Arbonne International

Before I started working with Vanessa, I was not clear exactly where my life was headed. I had a lot of things I wanted to do but wasn’t sure where to begin. I was going through the motions of life feeling empty. When I lost my job, I knew it was time to take my life back, however I still wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do.

Since working with Vanessa that has all changed. I have launched my brand, new people keep coming to me from out of the blue, I am able to talk about my business with confidence and every month my volume has been growing!!!

I truly have a sense of purpose now and feel fulfilled. I am not longer wandering around the world feeling lost and useless! I am confident about sharing my opportunity and have a concrete message to share!

Watch Giselle here...

Giselle Crouch, Arbonne International

As Vanessa entered into the coaching arena I was thrilled to be one of her clients. It is awesome for a high performing man to be inspired and coached by a woman with tremendous vision, clarity and professionalism.

I was open to her coaching because I knew she had walked the walk and paid the price in the business world.  She is savvy, smart, confident, and has a unique ability to see through the sometimes easy to rationalize moments of life that we all have. Her ability to cut through defenses and open you up to yourself is beyond enlightening.

Spending time with her will not be a forgotten moment in anyone’s life, professionally or personally.

Bill L. Anderson

President, Rob Keller MD Corporation

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Regular Price $997

$497 Early Bird rate (effective until 2 weeks before the event)

I encourage you to listen to your heart and take inspired and committed action.

I invite you to say, “Yes!” now from a place of love for the lifestyle you desire, the people you’re here to serve, and the profitable business you’re here to create as a platform for making a difference.

My warmest wishes for your success.

Lots of Love and Beijos,


Vanessa Horn, MBA
Author | Speaker | Coach

P. S. Do not hesitate to contact me at or 336.223-6077 if you have questions.

What's the cost of not knowing your message?

Allow me to share this story with you...

i'll have what she's havingIt is amazing what you can read about a person within a few minutes of sitting next to him on a plane.

We hadn’t even reached a flying altitude of 30,000 feet and it was clear the gentleman sitting next to me was successful…. someone I would describe as a person of influence.

From the way he was talking I could tell he was a networker–a network marketer, that is. I asked him directly, revealing my obvious familiarity and my instant interpretation of his ‘coded’ languaging. We had a good laugh over that as if we just exchanged a secret handshake and could dive right in and speak openly.

It was clear he was dynamic, energetic and driven. I was not surprised to hear of his success as a top performer at his previous company and his frequent speaking in front of large audiences. He was telling me about his transition to a new company and his hope that it would surpass his last experience.

It wasn’t too much later I asked him a question that I could tell stopped him dead in his tracks.

I said, “Let me ask you something. When you are on that stage, what is your message? I mean, what is the message that you feel you are uniquely created to deliver?”

He was a bit struck and stammered, “I don’t know. Maybe I’m shallow. I just want to motivate people and show them they can do it, too.”

I replied, “Tell me your story. I will hear it in your story.”

And for the remainder of the flight he shared his story with me.

That is one of my all time favorite things to do. To pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea or coffee and experience the essence of an individual and hear the message and story that desires to be uncovered to take their business and impact to the next level.

It was clear as day to me. His story had clues all along of a theme. A powerful theme.

I turned to him and said, “This is what I hear…. And this is how your impact on stage, your recruiting and your team could be taken to the next level….”

He turned to me jaw dropped and said, “Holy ****. Do you do that with everyone??? You just condensed my story just like that and that is exactly it! That is what I’m here to share.”

Since then, he has such a deeper sense of meaning about what he does and his results and the connection and impact others feel from his leadership show it.

What about you?

It is one thing to be an influencer–to have a platform. It is another to be operating fully in it.

So many leaders I see are leaving out important parts of themselves and their story. Their message lacks the fire and passion of who they really are. Frequently, they’re caught up in portraying an image, so they don’t allow themselves to be seen… really seen.

As a result, their message begins to sound just like everyone else. They don’t stand out in the marketplace. And tragically, their fullest legacy work is procrastinated to the future. “Someday.”


Whatever realm of influence you have, it can be drastically increased and expanded once you tap into that unique message within you. The message you are Divinely created to deliver. A message that inspires (‘breathes life into”) others and sets captives free because that message is carried in your very cells.

This is what I do with clients, and this is just of what we will be doing at the “I’ll Have What She’s Having!” marketing and BRANDING EXPERIENCE.

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Regular Price $997

$497 Early Bird rate (effective until 2 weeks before the event)

About Vanessa Horn

Vanessa-HornVanessa Horn is the CEO of Vanessa Horn International, a global business and personal development company, and is a sought after speaker, coach, and the author of the book “I’ll Have What She’s Having!"® and Profit with Honor.

She has successfully built and sold several businesses and her training and coaching has been used by more than 7,000 mission-driven entrepreneurs to rise to the top of their industries without burning out or selling out.  Her “Profit with Honor” Prospecting System is a proven system to attract an endless stream of prospects and effectively close without having to be salesy or pushy.

Vanessa has been featured as a expert guest on several FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC news and morning shows across the country.

Vanessa holds an MBA in entrepreneurship. She and her husband of 15 years, and their three young sons live in North Carolina.

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because you were designed to shine

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